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WSLT Online Training Course Content

Python, Jython Programming basics

  • Introduction Python, Jython, WLST
  • What is WebLogic Automation?
  • History of WLST
  • WLST program structure
  • features of WLST


  • Number, bool, int, float, chr
  • Sequances: tuple, List, string, dictionaries

Basic elements

  • variables
  • if-elif-else
  • while loop
  • for loop – filtered, nested loops

Functions & modules in WLST

  • function structure
  • arugument- positional, named
  • calling function in assignment, expression, main
  • lambda function
  • import modules
  • magic functions,

Error & Exception Handling

  • Error Hierarchy
  • Error Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • User defined exception – raise


  • What is Class?
  • Initialization, methods: str, repr, init
  • Abstraction using underscore
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

File IO

  • Reading file
  • Writing to file, appending
  • csv file creation

Regular Expressions

  • match
  • compile
  • meta-char, Meta-class
  • samples

WLST Scripting

WLST Basics

  • Two-Phase Configuration changes
  • Admin tools
  • Offline
  • Online
  • Properties

WebLogic Domain

  • New Domain
  • Extending domain
  • Reading Templates
  • Adding Template for extending domain
  • Write Template reusability

WL Environment

  • Managed Server
  • Machines
  • Cluster


  • Generic DS
  • Multi DS
  • [GridLink DS]


  • JMS server
  • JMS Module
  • Connection Factory
  • Queue
  • Topic
  • [Bridges two domains
  • Foreign Server]

Server Life Cycle

  • Start Stop using Nodemanager
  • without Nodemanager
  • Server Status

Application Deployment

  • deploy
  • undeploy
  • stop
  • WLST invoke from ANT
  • start
  • status
  • side-by-side


  • JMS
  • JDBC Datasource
  • ThreadPool
  • JVM Runtime
  • WLDF

Best practices

  • Server Credentials store
  • NodeManager Credentials Store
  • Tricks & tips