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Workday Payroll Online Training Course Content

Workday Payroll Fundamentals & Configuration Guide

  • Basics of Workday Payroll
  • Guide to Configure Tenant
  • Overview of Payroll Processing Framework and Setup Guide
  • Basics of Period Schedule structure
  • Details of Run categories
  • Payment election rules importance and Defining procedure
  • Basics of Pay Groups and setup guide

Earning & Deduction Details Configuration in Workday Payroll

  • Overview of Categories : Earnings & Deductions
  • Prerequisite to define Earnings & Deductions
  • Concept of Bonus Earning & Defining
  • Overview of Pay comp Groups & Define with Security & other Criteria
  • Explore Details to Calculation Mechanism
  • Configure Compensation Elements, Various Benefit Plans
  • Define Time Earnings, Concept of Costing, Costing Limits, ROE Canada costing

Taxation Configuration in Workday Payroll

  • Fundamentals of Taxation Setup
  • Overview of payroll taxes & Setup guide
  • Basics of Company configuration setup
  • Details of Federal, State, Local Taxes & Setup details
  • Understand & define Tax Authority Exception
  • Overview of Worker Tax elections & Setup Guide
  • Overview of Multiple Work tax jurisdictions

Withholding Order Configuration in Workday Payroll

  • Conceptual of Withholding orders
  • Basics of disposable income attached to Withholding order
  • Define deduction recipient
  • Withholding Order Recording Procedure with details
  • Details of support order & Editing Procedure
  • Support order Modification and Ending
  • Withholding order Processing with Priority details

Workday Payroll Accounting Configuration

  • Conceptual of Payroll Accounting
  • Overview of Suspense Accounts
  • Accounting Results Generating Procedure
  • Execute Payroll Accounting & Review Results

Workday Payroll Accounting Configuration

  • Banking & Settlement Details and Configuration Guide
  • Banking & Settlement Configuration Requirements
  • Payment election rules Overview and Defining Technique
  • Pay slip & Check Print Layout Configuration
  • Setup & Define Bank account & Routing Rules
  • Pre Note Run Setup & Configuration for Settlement

Configure Role Based Security in Workday Payroll

  • Roles based Security Grouping and Configuration Guide
  • Configuration guide for Pay component Based Security

Business Process Definition in Workday Payroll

  • Basics of Business Processes & Definition Technique
  • Business Processes linked with Payroll

Prepare Payroll Input Processing in Workday Payroll

  • Basics of payroll inputs and Processing Technique
  • Implement override & Special Entry
  • Configure Loans Account & Payment Schedules

Payroll Processing in Workday Payroll

  • Execute Payroll Cycle
  • Overview of off cycle Manual Payment & Processing Technique
  • Overview of off cycle Reversal & Processing Technique
  • Concept of off cycle on Demand Payment Processing

Workday Payroll Processing Configuration Guide

  • Understand Pre printed check vs. Blank check Stock
  • Understand Formatted MICR field Vs. Default MICR line
  • Fraction and last check number used
  • Configure Addresses, Countries, Signatures & Logos
  • Understand PDF scaling