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Webmethods Online Training Course Content

Module 1: Introduction To Integration Platform

Topics: Types of Integrations, Architectures, Levels of Integrations, Overview of XML, Messaging Modes & Addressing Modes, Integration Architectures

Module 2: Introduction To WebMethods

Topics: WebMethods Architecture, Installation Component, Runtime Components, Design Components, Administration Component, Deployment Component, Monitoring Components, WebMethods Strategies

Module 3: Introduction To Webmethods Developer

Topics: Creating Web Services, Creating Java Service, Packages, Folders, Creating IS Schemas, Creating Flatfile Dictionary, IS documents, Creating Flow Services, Testing and Debugging Flow Services, Creating Client Code, Creating Adapter Connections

Module 4: Broker Concepts

Topics: Creating Broker Territory, Creating Broker, Working with Broker Documents, Creating Broker Gateway, Publish and Subscribe the documents, Converting XML Messages to Database Object, Creating Adapter Notifications, Usage Built-in Services, Creating Adapter Services

Module 5: Webmethods Integration Server Administration

Topics: Architecture, Creating Ports, Managing Users and Groups, Restarting and Stopping the server, Creating Sheduler Tasks, Publishing the Packages

Module 6: Webmethods Monitor

Topics: Monitoring the Documents, Monitoring the Services, Resubmitting the Services, documents

Module 7: Webmethods Deployer

Topics: Creating Deployment Project, Deploy the Project, Mapping, Build, Define the Projects

Module 8: Webmethods Trading Network & Modeler

Topics: WebMethods Trading Networks, WebMethods Modeler

Module 9: Advanced Topics

Topics: WebMethods BAM, WebMethods Fabrics 6.5