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Web Designing Online Training Course Content


  • How to take a new file
  • Making Selections, Painting
  • Working with layers
  • Working with Images
  • Tools
  • Working with text
  • Layer styles
  • Color Adjustments
  • Black & White to Color
  • Filters
  • Web Template Designing & Guidance
  • Photoshop to Html Conversion

Dream Weaver

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Text Properties
  • Links
  • Common Tools
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Working with flash
  • How to design forms
  • Frames
  • How to create css Styles
  • Working with Photoshop template
  • Sample Website design


  • Flash Introduction
  • Working With tools
  • Working with Colors in Flash
  • Working with images
  • Transforming and Aligning Graphics
  • Working with Text
  • Symbols and Library
  • All about teweening
  • Working with movieclips,buttons
  • How to give links
  • Exporting to vedio & Adding Audio


  • Introduction to HTML
  • Basic Tags
  • Adding Headings, Paragraphs and Breaks
  • Adding Lists
  • Links within a page
  • Link paths explained
  • Introduction to HTML Basic Tags
  • Adding Headings, Paragraphs and Break
  • Adding Lists
  • Links within a page
  • Link paths explained
  • Adding Images
  • Adding an image to your pages
  • Making an image into a link
  • Aligning text with images
  • Adding the β€œalt” attribute to your image Creating Links
  • Linking pages to eachother
  • Adding E-Mail Links
  • HTML Frames
  • HTML Tables
  • Form Designing
  • Marquees
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Adding Titles
  • Adding META-Description
  • Adding META-keywords