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Selenium with C# Online Training Course Content

Selenium Introduction

  • Discussion about automation and different automation tools
  • Selenium Introduction
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction of selenium Components
  • Platform and Language support
  • Limitations of the selenium

OOPs concepts, C#.NET, HTML, CSS, XPATH

  • OOPs concepts
  • C#.NET fundamentals
  • Data types, operators,  Arrays, If-else, Loops
  • Class, Object, access specifies, Properties, constructors, static, methods, parameters, partial classes, method overloading and overriding
  • Extensions, Lamda expressions, predicates
  • HTML Tags and attributes
  • CSS and CSS Selectors
  • XPath – Nodes, Syntax, Axes, Operators, Examples

Selenium IDE and RC Introduction

  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • Introduction to Selenium RC

Selenium WebDriver

  • Selenium WebDriver Introduction
  • WebDriver Vs RC
  • Download and Configure WebDriver bindings with Visual Studio
  • How to use WebDriver
  • Different drivers in WebDriver
  • Finding Elements and performing user actions
  • Writing WebDriver scripts
  • Running WebDriver Tests on Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome
  • Manage web driver (switching windows, timeouts, cookies etc.)
  • Loading browser profile
  • Debugging WebDriver Tests
  • Remote WebDriver
  • Taking screenshots
  • Remote webdriver

Identifying UI Elements (Locators)

  • Identifying WebElement using different locators and demonstrate usage of each
  • By ID, By Name, By Link, By PartialLink, By XPath, By CSS Selector, By Tag, By Class
  • Handling various WebElement using WebDriver – Textbox, checkbox, radio button, web tables,
  • Using SelectElement
  • Finding multiple elements
  • Challenges in finding elements and solutions
  • Retrieving data from different controls for verifications
  • Working with complex controls like grids, third party controls etc.


  • Performing different kinds of mouse operations
  • Performing different kinds of keyboard operations
  • Advanced user interactions


  • Implicit wait
  • Explicit wait
  • Explicit wait with extension to make life easier
  • Fluent wait

Hybrid Framework development and integration with existing open source frameworks

  • Download and Configure NUnit with Visual Studio
  • Nuit features – Attributes and Assertions
  • Page Object Model / Objects reusability
  • Data driven automation
  • WebDriver extensions
  • WebElement extensions
  • External extensions to features like window pop-ups
  • Reporting results in HTML/Excel/DB formats with Screenshots for failed Test case
  • Test Environment configurations library
  • Image comparison
  • Exercise on framework implementation

Selenium Grid for distribute execution

  •  Selenium Grid Overview
  • Setting up Selenium Grid
  • Grid as Collection of Selenium WebDriver nodes
  • Running Parallel & Distributed tests using Selenium Grid
  • Exercise on Selenium Grid

Source code control using TFS

  • Automation team collaboration