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SAP WebDynPro Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Web Dynpro

  • Outlining Web Dynpro Benefits
  • Explaining Web Dynpro Architecture
  • Navigating between Views
  • Using View Assemblies
  • Explaining Web Dynpro Architecture and Relationships between Entities

Web Dynpro Controllers

  • Exlpaining Web Dynpro Controllers

Web Dynpro Context

  • Defining the Context
  • Setting Context Node Properties
  • Context Mapping

Web Dynpro User Interface

  • Defining the View Layout
  • Data Binding and Controlling UI Element Behavior
  • Using Composite UI Elements
  • Using Static Context Menus

Controller and Context Programming

  • Implementing Controller Methods and Attributes
  • Using Controller Methods to Access the Context at Runtime
  • Adding new Elements to a Context Node
  • Implementing Supply Functions

Internationalization and Messages

  • Using ABAP Dictionary Texts and the Online Text Repository
  • Implementing an Assistance Class
  • Implementing Messages

Value Help, Semantic Help and Keyboard Access

  • Providing Value Help
  • Providing Value Selectors
  • Providing Semantic Help
  • Providing Keyboard Access

Component Reuse

  • Reusing Web Dynpro Components
  • Declaring a Component Usage
  • Implement Advanced Aspects of Component Reuse

Dialog Boxes (Popups)

  • Creating Dialog Boxes

Adaptation Techniques

  • Adapting Web Dynpro Applications
  • Configuring Web Dynpro Applications
  • Enhancing Web Dynpros
  • Modifying the Context at Runtime
  • Modifying the UI at Runtime

Additional Topics

  • Using SAP List Viewer in Web Dynpro for ABAP
  • Integrating Web Dynpro in the Portal
  • Monitoring Web Dynpro Applications
  • Debugging Web Dynpro Applications