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SAP Is Real Estate Online Training Course Content


  • SAP Industries Specific Real Estate
  • RE- Adjustments – Comparative Rent
  • RE- Adjustments – Graduated Rent
  • RE- Contract Fast Entry
  • RE- Contract Management Lease-Out
  • RE- Contract Management Lease-Out Renewal
  • RE- Contract Management Notice
  • RE- Contract Measurements
  • RE- Contract – Notice and Renewal
  • RE- Contract with Index Adjustment Rules
  • RE- Dependent Conditions
  • RE- Dynamic Selection for Logical Database
  • RE- Enterprise Extension – Overview
  • RE- Free Adjustment Contract and Processing
  • RE- FX Data Transfer
  • RE- Integration to Co and FI
  • E- Master Data- Define Pooled Spaces
  • E- Master Data- Definition and Use of Sets
  • E- Master Data- Occupancy Planning
  • E- Master Data- Vacancy Reason
  • E- McKesson Enhancements Abstracts and Reports
  • E- McKesson Enhancements Contract Documents Clauses Etc
  • E- Navigator
  • E- One-Time Correspondence with MSWord
  • E- R3 Enterprise Financials Extension 2.00- Contract Management
  • E- R3 Enterprise Financials Extension 2.00- Object Groups
  • E- R3 Enterprise Financials Extension 2.00- Rental Object
  • E- Real Estate General Contract
  • E- Real Estate Object Browser – Sets
  • E- RE in BW-Overview of Rental Charges Report
  • E- Reporting In Business Information Warehouse
  • E- Reporting In RE FX
  • E- Reporting – Sets and Information System
  • E- Resubmission Reporting In the General Contract
  • E- Sales Based Contracts
  • E- Sales Based Contracts – Analysis and Correction
  • E- Sales Based Contracts – Reports and Settlement
  • E- SCS – Contract with Advanced Payment Booked As Revenues
  • E- SCS – Create Multiple Settlement Units
  • E- SCS – Data Exchange Settlement Unit
  • E- SCS – Meters for Rental Objects
  • E- SCS – Meters for Settlement Units
  • E- SCS – Participation Group
  • E- SCS – Transfer Postings
  • E- SCS – Transfer Postings between Settlement Units
  • RE- Security Deposit Contract

Course Structure 

  •  SAP Foundation Course
  • SAP Module course
  • Solution Manager Course
  • Objective of Foundation Course:
  • Business Process
  • To know more about SAP History, Products
  • Introducing of SAP Terminology and Technology
  • SAP Navigation
  • SAP Modules and Server arch structure etc.

Objective of SAP Module Course

  • Implementation training
  • End-User training
  • Integration Training

Object of Solution Manager

  • ASAP Methodologies
  • System Landscape
  • Live Project Training
  • Data Migration Tools
  • Transportation System