SAP Hybris Techno Functional

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SAP Hybris Techno Functional Online Training Course Content


  • Training Course Introduction
  • Overview of the Technical Architecture
  • Hybris Online Resources
  • Hybris Support
  • Hybris internalization

Setting Up A Development Environment

  • Installing Hybris Framework
  • Hybris Server
  • Eclipse Integration

Custom Extension

  • Introduction of hybris extension
  • Configuration Extension
  • New/Custom extension
  • Implementation

Data Modeling With Hybris Type System

  • Type System (Data Modeling)
  • Enumeration
  • Collection
  • Relation
  • Synchronization Item Type

Hybris Administration Console (HAC)

Hybris Management Console (HMC)

  • Overview of the Hybris Management Console
  • hMC Localization
  • Type System Localization


  • Introducing CronJob
  • Implementation with examples

Import And Export

  • Import
  • Export

Dynamic Model Attributes

  • Overview and Implementation

Flexible Search

  • Overview
  • How to write Query implementation

Advanced Service Layer Programming

  • Interceptors
  • Events

Catalogs Managements

  • The Hybris Catalog Extension

Web Services Api

  • REST Web service
  • Web services API


  • Overview User Account
  • Overview on Principals
  • Type Based Access Rights Restrictions Overview

Commerce Basics

  • Overview
  • Implementation and Uses for Base Store


  • Overview

WCMS (Web Content Management System) Accelerator Module

  • Accelerator Custom Extension
  • All impex changes according to custom extension
  • Pre-Define and Custom Page
  • Pre-Define and Custom Page Template
  • Pre-Define and Customize Component
  • Solr Configuration
  • Shopping Cart Overview
  • Hot Folder

Programming with the Service Layer

  • Spring Integration
  • Architecture of the Service Layer
  • Services, Strategies, and Facades,DTO,DAO
  • How to save data using form in db
  • Jalo Session implementation
  • How to retrieve value from configuration file


  • Theoretical Background
  • PCM
  • Implementation CMS Cockpit
  • Overview Admin Cockpit
  • Overview CS Cockpit
  • Overview Product Cockpit
  • Customized Cockpit
  • Promotion
  • Classification Category
  • BTG
  • SEO