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SAP BODI Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Data Integrator

• About Data Integrator
• About Data Integrator
• Data Integrator product documentation

Data Integrator Architecture

• Standard Data Integrator components
• Optional Data Integrator components
• Data Integrator management tools
• Data Integrator operating system platforms
• Data Integrator distributed architecture

Data Integrator Designer

Introduction to Data Integrator Designer

• Logging in to the designer
• Designer overview
• Data Integrator objects
• Working with objects
• General and environment options
• Projects and Jobs
• Data stores
• File formats
• Data flows
• Work flows
• Nested data
• Real-time jobs
• Embedded data flows
• Variables and Parameters
• Executing jobs
• Data Quality
• Design and Debug
• Data Cleansing


• About transforms,operation codes
• Address_Enhancement
• Case
• Date_Generation
• Effective_Date
• Hierarchy_Flattening
• History_Preserving
• Key_Generation
• Map_CDC_Operation and Map_Operation
• Match_Merge
• Merge Name_Parsing
• Pivot(columns to rows) and Reverse Pivot(rows to columns)
• Query
• Row_Generation
• Table_Comparison
• Validation
• XML_Pipeline

Functions and Procedures

• Overview of functions
• About functions
• Custom functions
• Database and application functions
• Description of built-in functions
• About procedures
• Calling stored procedures
• In general
• From queries
• Without the function wizard

Data Integrator Scripting Language

• About scripting language
• Language syntax
• Syntax for statements in scripts
• Syntax for column and table references in expressions
• Strings
• Quotation marks
• Escape characters
• Trailing blanks
• Variables
• Variable interpolation
• Functions and Stored procedures
• Operators
• NULL values
• NULL values and empty strings
• Debugging and Validation
• Keywords
• Sample scripts
• Export/import

Data Integrator Administrator

• Introduction
• Administrator Management
• Central Repository Management
• Using Server Groups
• Executing batch jobs
• Scheduling jobs
• Trace and monitoring jobs
• Export Execution command
• Using the Administrator
• Using a third-party scheduler
• Data Integrator job launcher

Data Integrator Metadata Reports

• Introduction
• Viewing Metadata Reports

Data Integrator Performance Optimization

• Introduction
• Environment Test Strategy
• Measuring and Tuning Data Integrator Performance
• Using Bulk Loading