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SAP BI BW Online Training Course Content


  • Overview of the BW structure
  • Overview of the SAP data warehousing strategy
  • Standard Naming Convention in SAP- BI
  • Extended Star Schema
  • DIM/ SID Tables
  • SAP System Landscape
  • SAP BIBW Concepts

Types of Data

  • Master Data (Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies)
  • Transactional Data

Objects of Business Intelligence 7.0

  • Info area, Info objects, Info object Catalogs
  • Info abject Definitions: Characteristics, Key Figures, Time and Unit
  • Transformation and DTP’s
  • Dimension/ Key Figures
  • Info cube & Types of Info cubes
  • DSO & Types of DSO’s
  • Multi provider
  • Info set

Flat File ExtractionData Modeling

  • Dimension Design
  • Staging Design
  • Data Flow in BI

Business content

  • Business content components
  • Role based and industry-based content
  • Installing business content, transport connection.

Rule Groups & Rule TypesReporting

  • Introduction to BW reporting
  • Components of Bex reporting
  • Working with business content queries .
  • Getting started with the Bex Query Designer: Creating a query, changing a query, navigating through the analysis, filtering data, adding text elements.
  • Working with key figures and characteristic: Calculate key figures, properties of key figures, currency translation, and properties of characteristics, restricted key figures, hierarchies, attributes, variables, and global and local structures.
  • Query properties: Properties of queries, inserting, moving and deleting queries, detaching and refreshing queries
  • Variables & Processing Types(Customer & SAP Exit)
  • Exception and condition: Integrating an exception in to a query result by specifying an exception.
  • Special topics: Web Application Designer, Work Books, Jump Queries, Currency Translations.


  • LO Extraction
  • FI, CO extraction, COPA extraction
  • Generic extraction using Function Module and View.
  • Enhancement of data source
  • Steps to consider before doing transportation of enhanced data source
  • Update modes in LO extraction (Direct, Queued, Unsterilized V3 update), V1, V2, V3.
  • Delta Management.

BW 3.5 Data Flow

  • Info sources
  • Transfer Rules
  • Update Rules
  • Data Loading using 3.5 flow(Master data load, Transactional data load)
  • Migrating the Dataflow from 3.x to BI7.0
  • Routines in 3.X dataflow
  • Data marts
  • 3.x Info sources in BI 7.0

Special topics

  • Performance Tuning (Load performance & Query performance)
  • Aggregates
  • Transportation
  • Process Chains
  • Routines
  • Authorizations
  • BI Statistics
  • Remodeling & Repartioning
  • Real time errors – Error Handling
  • CV Preparation with Ongoing Projects

New Features of SAP BW 7.3

  • Loading Hierarchies using BI7.0 Data source
  • Generic delta functionalities for Non -SAP data sources to extract data from Non – SAP source systems
  • Semantic Partitioning
  • Hybrid Info provider
  • Transformation Enhancements
  • DTP Enhancements
  • Multiprovider as a source
  • Process Chain Enhancements
  • Data Flow Wizard and Data Flow Copy tool
  • Data Flow Migration Tool
  • Enhancements to RDA
  • Info package Enhancements
  • SAP BO DS Integration