ORACLE ESSO Logon Manager111220

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Oracle ESSO Logon Manager111220 Online Training Course Content

Fundamentals of ESSO

  • What is ESSO?
  • What are the different components of ESSO?
  • What is ESSO Anywhere?
  • What is ESSO Password Reset?
  • What is ESSO Provisioning Gateway?
  • What is ESSO Universal Authentication Manager?
  • What is ESSO-Logon Manager?
  • Uses of ESSO-LM
  • Why do we require ESSO-LM?
  • Difference between a thick client and a thin client?
  • How does ESSO-LM help an organization?
  • Who should implement ESSO-LM?

Components of ESSO-LM

  • Administrative Console
  • LM-Agent


  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Intelligent Agent Response
  • Core (Including Storage)
  • Credential Synchronization
  • Event Logging
  • Miscellaneous Components

Required Softwares (the below softwares will be provided to the students)

  • Windows Server System (For Active Directory) – This system will be installed as a Virtual Machine, and will be provided to all     the students.
  • End User system (Windows 7/8/XP)
  • ESSO (Latest Release)
  • dotNetFramework 4 or above
  • Vmware Player/Workstation/Server
  • Desktop Logon Client Gmail/Yahoo/Office Communicator


  • Installing Active Directory
  • Installing dotNetFramework
  • Installing ESSO Admin Console
  • Installing LM-Agent
  • Installing and configuring Trace Logger (For Debugging)

Administration Console

  • Navigating the Administration Console


  • Configuring a directory server as the repository
  • Creating a container in a directory server through Admin Console
  • Global Agent Settings

Template & Form Creation

  • How to create a template for Logon
  • Creating a form for Windows Application
  • List of default Templates for commonly used Windows Apps
  • Creating a form for Web Application
  • List of default Templates for commonly used Web Apps
  • Creating a form for Host/MainFrame Application
  • Adding forms to a template

Process of detecting fields on a form

  • How ESSO detects the fields and windows
  • Creating forms using control-IDs
  • Creating forms using Send-Keys

Template Configuration

  • General
  • Bulk-Add
  • Authentication
  • Error-Loop
  • Miscellaneous
  • Password Change
  • Events
  • Security
  • Provisioning
  • Shared Accounts
  • Delegated Credentials
  • Understanding the template XML


  • Creating a Password Change Form
  • Creating and publishing a password policy
  • Resetting a password of a user through ESSO

LM – Agent
LM-Agent Configuration

  • Starting/Stopping/Pausing the LM-Agent
  • Adding a published template into an agent
  • Auto-Prompt
  • Auto-Enter
  • Auto-Recognize

Testing the Logon

  • Publishing the template to repository
  • Exporting the templates to the LM-Agents
  • Entering the credentials for a template
  • Changing credentials for a template
  • Accessing the Logon form and logging using ESSO
  • Generating a customized msi.