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CSS Online Training Course Content

How to Write XHTML and CSS

  • Anatomy of a Website
  • What Is CSS?
  • Getting Started with XHTML Syntax
  • Getting Started with CSS Syntax

Location, Location: Where to Put a Style

  • The Cascade
  • Inheritance
  • Specificity
  • Do the Math
  • Now Add Inline Styles to the Math
  • What about Multiple Classes?
  • Using @import

Page Basics: DOCTYPE, Head, Body, and Body Styles

  • XHTML: What Every Page Requires
  • The XML Declaration
  • Let’s Get Started
  • The Head
  • Saving
  • Take a Look in a Browser
  • CSS: A Stylish Body
  • Attached Background Images
  • Assign a Class or ID to the Body Element
  • CSS Properties for the body Element

Headings and Heading Styles

  • XHTML: The Heading Tags
  • CSS: Style a Heading
  • A Class Alternative
  • Image Replacement for Headings
  • The CSS Box Model
  • CSS Properties for Headings

Page Divisions: div for Structure Layout

  • Learn the XHTML
  • Organizing Content Structurally
  • When to Use div
  • Learn the CSS
  • CSS Properties

Paragraph and Text Styles

  • XHTML: Formatting Text
  • CSS: Stylish Text
  • Let’s Go into Print
  • CSS Properties

Links and Link Styles

  • Organizing a Site
  • XHTML: The Anchor Element
  • CSS: Pizzazz for Anchors
  • An id-Based Current Page Indicator
  • CSS Pop-ups
  • CSS Properties

Multimedia, Images, and Image Styles

  • Creating and Editing Images
  • XHTML: Add Images to a Page
  • The longdesc Attribute
  • The title Attribute
  • The Image Stockpile
  • Build Some Basic Button Nav Bars
  • Tie Background Images to Hyperlink Pseudo States
  • Designing a Simple Photo Gallery
  • Adding a Banner
  • Adding Other Headings
  • Inserting a Photo in Your Gallery
  • Transparent GIFs
  • A Complete Site
  • CSS: Dress It Up
  • Size Matters
  • Linking Directly to Images
  • Adding Multimedia to Your Page
  • CSS Properties

Lists and List Styles

  • XHTML: List Basics
  • CSS: Presentation Is Powerful
  • A Vertical Nav bar with Pure CSS Pop-ups
  • Horizontal Lists
  • CSS Properties for Lists

Tables and Table Styles

  • A Tangled Table Tale
  • XHTML: Creating the Rows and Columns
  • Learn More XHTML: thead, tbody, tfoot
  • CSS Properties

Forms and Form Styles

  • Script Matters
  • Learn the XHTML
  • Add CSS to Your Form

Publishing and Testing Your Pages

  • The Big Picture
  • Finding Free Server Space
  • Your Own Domain
  • Using FTP Software
  • Testing and Validating the Site
  • Telling the Search Engines You Are There
  • Understanding Your Audience

CSS for Weblogs

  • Advantages of Blogging
  • Where to Sign Up for a Blog
  • What to Look for in Blog Software
  • Getting Started with Blogger
  • Configuring a BlogSpot Blog
  • Publishing to Your Blogger Blog
  • Customizing the Blogger Template
  • Customize the Blogger CSS
  • WordPress Hosted Free

Design Basics

  • Wireframes
  • Layout
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Consistency and Repetition
  • Alignment
  • Resources
  • CSS Properties